20 must-have Vinyl in your 20s! (pt.1)

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20 must-have Vinyl in your 20s!

Collecting vinyl is not just an oldie thing now its more like a growing trend amongst the upcoming generation. Music is something that we listen to more than anything. You walk into a store or a coffee shop or in the gym music is playing everywhere. But despite this sitting in one place and listening to an album still tops the list. There’s no better way to feel and enjoy the music in its true essence.


While every technology is being replaced by a better version of it. Vinyl records have managed to hold on to their authenticity. There is something truly calming and satisfying about listening to vinyl while observing the artwork on the album jacket and reading through the liner notes. The whole process of listening to a vinyl record in these fast times is in itself a fulfilling experience.


You could relate to what I just described right? Being a whole newbie to the vinyl world I found myself lost in the depth of it and once you get the bug of the vinyl collection there’s no turning back. While exploring and digging around I have put together a list of my favourite albums to jump-start your vinyl collection.


Here are 20 must-have vinyl in your 20s(Part1)!


  1. This is all your - Alt J

This Is all yours is an album that closely resembles passive-aggressiveness. The band came up with Surprising singles in the album. Form the “intro” being synthesized church notes, the next three songs have that delicate piano and guitar added to them. The band used its creative freedom and ramped up its pastoral side. Their innovative use of Miley Cyrus’ sample notes in “hunger of the pine” to the unmatched guitar riffs in “left hand free” makes me believe that this album has something for everyone.


  1. Random Access Memories – Daft punk


With this album daft punk leaves behind their influential riff-heavy EDM style. RAM gives us a mix of soft-rock, Broadway-style pop along with a mix of disco. Daft punk completely avoided samples with RAM and added choirs and orchestras. Random Access Memories is one of those albums that will take you on a trip exactly how an LP is supposed to making this a must-have vinyl record.


  1.   1989 -Taylor Swift


1989 can be called Taylor Swift’s response to all the sexist and negative press she had received. The album treats heartbreak as a feeling of observing something rather than a feeling that needs to be communicated. Taylor Swift has managed to create a safe world broken hearts that can be stored and not forgotten entirely. The lyrics make us wonder is it real or fiction? The album portrays multiple emotions yet again making it one of the must-haves in your collection especially in your 20s because who else can relate to these songs better?


  1.   Dark Side of the Moon – Pink Floyd


Dark Side Of The Moon is a must-have for any record collection. The album stayed on billboard's top 200 charts for 15 years straight and yet continues to be one of the top albums. Why that be though? The album consists of songs from every aspect of life – money, time, love, death. The albums don’t consist of mere songs rather stories that are being told with different emotions.


  1.   Songs in A minor – Alicia keys


Songs in A minor is Alicia Key’s debut album that creates quite an impact. It left the critics surprised to see the 19-year old’s taste go beyond her generation. The album correctly depicts Alicia’s style. It is a mix of sexy style and elegance. A very noticeable aspect about the album is that she never over sang which just makes this album ever richer.

  1.   Piano Man – Billy Joel


A record collection cannot be complete with Billy Joel. When it comes to choosing a Billy Joel album or song, I land upon Piano man every time. This song talks about Joel’s time as a lounge pianist a rather sentimentalized version of it. It makes one wonder why would he choose stardom over that time if it was as great as in the song.


  1.   What colour is love – Terry Callier


Yet another one of my favourites is “What colour is love”. Terry Callier has always come across to me as one of the most positive and heartwarming artists. This album speaks about the dismal state of the world that places its hope on love. This album is exactly how Callier approaches music i.e., it’s all about self-expression. The album came out in 1972 and it continues to be a masterpiece to date.


  1.   Legend by Bob Marley and The Wailers –


Bob Marley is a legend, one of the most iconic music figures in the history of music. Legend is one of the best-selling reggae albums of all time to this day. If you haven’t heard of Bob Marley, legend would be a good starting point for exploring his work and exploring reggae as a genre too.


  1.   Revolver – The Beatles


If you haven’t explored Beatles yet then go and grab yourself a copy of Revolver. This album was like a comeback from easily the longest break since the start of their career. The album was all about redefining which is an expectation from popular music. There is no filler found in the revolver. This album was a sophisticated and experimental sound on stage. Hence, making it a must-have vinyl.


  1.     Kid A – Radiohead


I couldn’t make a must-have vinyl list without including Radiohead. Kid A is a package of chaotic instrumentation. It's incomprehensible and mystifying at the same time. This was a very big sound change for Radiohead. This album is dreamlike yet awakening and will cleanse your brain of all the little worries.

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