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Records We’re Listening to This 4/20!
April 20 (or 4/20) is cherished by pot smokers around the world and pot smokers love music and believe it or not they have the best recommendation for each mood. 4.20 is quite blah without music in our opinion.
Here’s a list of albums we are listening to on 4.20 to celebrate with the rest of the world.
India Record Co’s Top 4 favourites!
Deadwing is the eight-studio album by British Progressive Rock Band Porcupine Tree. New Vinyl Reissues were remastered by front man Steven Wilson. There’s a reason this is #1.
Do Daft Punk really need an introduction?
Float away to epic emotional landscapes with this French duo’s first and only ethereal electronic dance album. Bursting on the sonic with misty dub abstractions, kick your day off with this refreshingly intimate album.
A New Zealand 7-piece band that will make you forget your troubles, and smile. These six sonic tracks developed and evolved from their live versions make the perfect album to couch out and vibe with!
& 20 more albums to jam on to!
5. Smoke Signals: Songs from the Mother Plant. (2018)
A collection for cannabis music culture!
  1. Rubber Soul The Beatles. (1965)
Harrison on Sitar? Yes please.
Like Homeric Epics, this musical epic needs no explanation.
This double-album triumph is the closest we will get to hearing sound like in Dylan’s mind! “That thin, that wild mercury sound”
  1. The Chronic - Dr Dre. (1992)
André Young’s debut masterpiece by his own record label! The album is named after high grade cannabis & its album art is a homage to Zig-Zags! Chronic anyone?!
  1. Suite #420 Devin the Duke. (2010)
Released on 4/20! (Had to have a 4/20 drop innit?)
  1. Devotion Beach House (2008)
Second studio album by American lovelorn-pop duo! Live percussions add to the sleepy yet elegant compositions comfortable with imperfection.
  1. Fleet Foxes Fleet Foxes (2008)
Another debut studio album, with a broad spectrum of styles, Fleet Foxes is a synthesis of shared vocal harmonies of the band. The album art too is beautifully attuned to the band members, and the instruments they play. One of my favourites!
  1. Bizarre Ride to the Pharcyde (1992)
Memorialised as one of the most creative acts in hip-hip history; ahead of their time, they proved that rap was not only an east coast phenomenon. Spin this for some funky party feels!
  1. Up on the Sun Meat Puppets (1985)
Psychedelic rock with mystical technical sounds. This album was recorded in just 3 days! Crack open a beer and watch the smoke dissipate in the sun!
  1. Z My morning Jacket (2005)
Reggae rhythms, and dub influence infused in Psychedelic rock. Rolling Stones dubbed it as the 23rd of the best 40 greatest stoner albums!
  1. Maggot Brain Funkadelic (1971)
A watermark for psychedelic soul funk-rock. The album encapsulates the dissipated promise of late 1960s America, and the angst it offered.  Are you feeling Funkadelic today baby?
  1. Enter the Wu Tang (36 Chambers) Wu Tang Clan (1993)
This debut album, is one of the greatest hip-hop albums of all time. It set the scene for hardcore hip-hop during the 90s offering a template for modern hip-hop. This year it was selected by the library of Congress for preservation in the National recording registry for being “culturally, historically, and aesthetically significant”.
  1. Mellow Gold Beck (1994)
This home-studio recorded album is experimental folk synthesized hip-hop by street-busker Beck Hansen. Mellow Gold is an important album that opened dialogue between hip-hop and indie rock.
  1. African Herbsman Bob Marley. (1973)
Does Mr Marley really need a description?
  1. Merriweather Post Pavillion Animal Collective (2009)
By American experimental-pop group, this electronic pop album is considered to be a sonic temple. A musically explorative album, breaking format they are the pinnacle, and posterchild for independent artists today.
  1. Kid A RadioHead (2000)
This generational English Rock bands album is brimming with timbral textures and tones. With Kid A and Amnesiac Radiohead not only found their sound, but created a niche with an aorta of followers to come in an increasing digital world paranoia.
  1. Paul Boutique  Beastie Boys (1989)
The Beatsie Boys need no introduction, but this album will till the end of time be known for changing the hip-hop scene forever, for the genesis of hipster rap, and for the art of sampling. Paul Boutique, when released at the time was not received well, however today it is the most sampled album of all times. Is it in your desert island list?
  1. Battle of Jimi Hendrix and Deep Purple Jimi Hendrix (1970)
A mystical secret, and a record very rare to come by, just like Jimi. So if you find it, share that love on this blessed day!
This highly awaited, final album by A Tribe Called Quest was a rumour for 18 years. Poetic and full of life & beats, end your day with THE most feel good record.
Have we got you in the mood yet to celebrate 4.20?
What are you listening to? Tell us in comments
About the author: 
Halo all! I'm your friendly neighborhood gender-fluid handpoke tattoo artist; I also write sometimes.
I have an affinity to metals, cause I pole dance & play the handpan, oh & I have a tongue piercing. My dream job is to be a puppy bowl referee.
Alas! A human can dream. Here's my album recommendations for grooving to your 4/20 seshes

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