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Tower Speakers

Tower speakers also known as floorstanding speaker is so named because it's tall enough to sit on the floor. A floorstanding speaker cabinet is taller than it is wide (or deep), typically standing two feet or more in height. Because of their large cabinets, floorstanding speakers can hold more and larger speaker drivers. Floorstanders typically have better bass response and so are better as the front channels in home cinema systems and offer a more well-rounded sound for music. The soundstage is usually larger with floorstanders.

Floorstanding speakers have been a cornerstone of home audio systems for decades and they deliver a big and full sound that’s difficult to match. Even as more complex home theater systems have become common, they remain the go-to workhorses that provide the most important part of surround sound. If you’re just starting out looking for a set of floorstanding speakers, the choices may seem overwhelming at first, but dont worry, we've got you covered