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Audio Technica ATH-W2022

Audio Technica ATH-W2022

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The very finest Audio-Technica wooden headphones – developed to commemorate our 60th anniversary

Housings crafted from Mizume (Japanese birch) and finished with traditional urushi lacquer to deliver pure tone quality with natural reverberation
Sakura (cherry blossom) and hou-ou phoenix designs are hand-painted on the housings using the Japanese maki-e lacquer technique

Specially developed, baffle-integrated 58 mm drivers are optimized for closed-back headphones, delivering incredibly fast response to the input signal

Innovative Core Mount Technology, adopted from the ATH-ADX5000, places driver unit in optimal position for improved airflow and excellent full-range audio reproduction

Newly designed magnet circuit incorporates a pole and yoke structured from laminated pure iron plates to reduce back electromotive force (back EFM)

The diaphragm’s center dome is made of 30-micron-thick pure titanium for exceptional reproduction of the mid-high range with excellent high-frequency characteristics, as well

Includes two detachable 3.0 m (9.8'), cloth-wrapped cables (with A2DC connectors at the headphones) made from 7N-class D.U.C.C. (Dia Ultra Crystallized Copper): one with a 6.3 mm (1/4") gold-plated stereo plug, the other with a 4-pin XLRM balanced connector

Earpads and headband are made from deerskin for long-lasting durability and comfort

Includes a wooden storage case constructed from Kiso cypress and white paulownia wood"

Exclusive product: a limited number of units are available worldwide

Type Closed-back dynamic
Driver Diameter 58 mm
Frequency Response 5 to 50,000 Hz
Maximum Input Power 2,000 mW
Sensitivity 98 dB/mW
Impedance 48 ohms
Weight Approx. 450 g (16 oz), without cable
Connector A2DC connector jack
Accessories Included ・Cable (3.0 m (9.8’)/6.3 mm (1/4”) gold-plated stereo plug) ・Balanced cable (3.0 m (9.8’)/XLR-M connector (4-pin)) ・Case ・Pouch (for storing cables)
Replacements/separately sold items ・Earpads
・Balanced cable