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Giant Steps By John Coltrane

Giant Steps By John Coltrane

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The idea of an LP as a single aesthetic unit, pioneered by Frank Sinatra and a few others, was still relatively new at the time. Not the least of Coltrane’s achievements was to harness the long player’s potential and to give it near-perfect, lastingly satisfying content. This is one of the great modern records. Since its release in 1960, the fascination with Giant Steps has never wavered. This is a true masterpiece that should be in everyone’s collection.

A1 Giant Steps 4:43

A2 Cousin Mary 5:45
A3 Countdown 2:21
A4 Spiral 5:56
B1 Syeeda's Song Flute 7:00
B2 Naima 4:21
B3 Mr. P. C. 6:57