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Mixing Colours BY Roger and Brian Eno:

Mixing Colours BY Roger and Brian Eno:

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Roger and Brian Eno explore the nature of sound in their first ever duo album, Mixing Colours. The albumÕs eighteen soundscapes invite listeners to immerse themselves in the infinite space that lies below their surface.ÊComing out on Deutsche Grammophon.


Mixing Colours creates bridges between the musicÕs past and future. RogerÕs compositions evoke the yearning melodic style of late Schubert while BrianÕs sound design draws from his ground-breaking conceptual work with electronic music and lifelong fascination with the creative potential of new media. Over the past half century, he notes, the pop world has developed electronic musicÕs enormous possibilities to create previously unimagined sound colours and instrumental timbres.


2LP Gatefold Tracklisting

01. Spring Frost
02. Burnt Umber
03. Celeste
04. Wintergreen
05. Obsidian
06. Blonde
07. Dark Sienna
08. Verdigris (Album Focus Track)
09. Snow
10. Rose Quartz
11. Quicksilver
12. Ultramarine
13. Iris
14. Cinnabar
15. Desert Sand
16. Deep Saffron
17. Cerulean Blue
18. Slow Movement Ð Sand