Record Store of India – Indiarecordco

About Us

India Record Co. is the one stop shop for all things records and vinyl in India. It is your local yet global neighbourhood record store!!

Our constant motto and purpose here is to create a deeper connection to music for all.

We have a wide variety of records across genres like classic rock, progressive rock, metal, soul, jazz, hiphop, funk, pop, disco, alternative and indie artists, bands and compilations.

We also stock a ton of Hindi vinyl LP records right from old Bollywood music to Indian classical, ghazal and devotional music. Write to us incase you can not find what you are looking for in our collection.

Yes, vinyl is has made a comeback and it is here to stay because nothing beats the sound of a good vinyl record on the perfect turntable. 

Whether you are getting started on your analogue journey or you are a loud and proud collector, we intend to become your one stop shop when it comes to all your audio needs especially analogue and stereo sound. We are very serious about music which is why we have a handpicked collection of turntables and vinyl record players for all budgets, range and desires. Be it a fully automatic belt drive turntable or a direct drive turntable, we got you covered. We also have a range of accessories that you may need while getting started or through your analogue journey like vinyl sleeves (inner and outer) to protect your precious collection, record cleaning kits, cartridges, cables,  customised record furniture units or crates, anything that you may need to make your experience a delightful and effortless one.

For a elevated listening experience, we have handpicked a collection of bookshelf, floorstanding and tower speakers, receivers and amplifiers along with pre phono and other audio accessories. To bring you the best quality of sound along with hassle free after sales services, we have partnered with brands like Denon, Pro-ject, Clear Audio, Reloop, NAD, Pioneer, Polk Audio, Fyne Audio, Marshall and Marantz and its our constant endeavour to bring onboard the best of the brands. 

Our range of customised furniture and record storage which is made for Indian homes; long lasting and space optimised ensures that you build a sizeable record collection without having to worry about where to store them. 


Who are we?

Our team is a mixed bunch of music lovers who are storytellers and curators & we are a community who understand the impact a great album can have on someone. And, we absolutely believe that everything sounds better on vinyl.Period!! Vinyl is not just a product but its a whole experience that transcends.

We’re fascinated by the long (sometimes gruelling) journey a record takes by the time it’s in your hands — from artist to studio to pressing plant to record stores to you, and beyond.

We are obsessed with superior audio quality and fascinated by the dedication of people behind it and maybe thats why we put that extra effort into building relationships and always work with partners whose expertise, knowledge, skill and passion allow us to deliver the best experience we can.

We would never expect you to love everything that we curate but we promise you'll find something here that will deepen your relationship with music. Your wantlists are welcome and will be serviced.

We are always interested in buying or trading records so please get in touch if you have anything for sale or trade.

New to Vinyl?

If you are just getting started, dont let the vinyl world scare you. We have a community of people who would help you steer through your journey. We have also curated some entry level turntables and hifi systems for you. If you are still not sure, we regularly host listening sessions which can be a great place for you to start. Write to us at to know more on this.


Music sets a tone, impacts a mood, connects people, documents history, influences culture, and simply makes life better! At IRC, we celebrate the culture, history and art of great albums. Start discovering the joy of that takes the foreground; Music that ignites your senses.